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Make your next assembly unforgettable!



If you are like most administrators, you’ve seen your share of uninspiring assembly programs.


The teachers were grading papers, the K-4  and K-5 group were “glazed over”, and the older students were rolling their eyes. (You know you’ve seen this!)


The message and presentation just did not live up to the expectations of the teachers or students.


How to avoid the mistake

 of hiring the wrong presenter


Since your school time is valuable, you want someone that can get the message across in a fun and inspiring way. You don’t want to risk having someone in that isn’t appropriate or just simply dresses up and looks funny.


90% of the time, people that schedule assembly programs for the school don’t know where to begin when it comes to selecting a person that is credible.


Unfortunately…fancy websites, glossy  brochures, and over promising does not necessarily give you a program worthy of your school’s time.


I’ll be glad to share with you some simple strategies:


To Guarantee that you

have the best assembly program ever

(But don't take my word for it. See what others say about these programs)


  • Easy set up

  • Time sensitive

  • Curriculum based theme

  • Age appropriate

  • Audience involvement

  • Teachers and students laughing together

  • Teacher’s Guides that aid planning


Call or email me today and let's make your next program one that your teachers and students will be talking about next year!

“The best program we have ever had at our school…we want you to come back next year!” Lynn Woolcomb, 2nd grade teacher, Florence Elementary, Florence, SC

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